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Project Sakura Glass

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Project Sakura Glass by Sakura Matriks Utama

For a truly luxurious room arrangement, the Sakura Glass booth system is the perfect choice, Sakura Glass is built with clear tempered glass with doors, dividers, and partitions made from frit tiles.

Adjustable height adjustable feet with friction clips allow for variable floor cleaning. Doors and pillars stand out against the background of the overhead stabilizer rails, giving the system an almost borderless appearance.


System Cubicle Toilet dengan material Kaca Ceramic (Ceramic Glass) 10 mm atau Kaca Laminate (Laminated Glass) 5+5 mm PVB 1,4 mm. Cubicle Toilet Sakura Glass didukung dengan pilihan aksesoris antara lain :

  1. Alumunium
  2. Stainless Steel

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