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Project Sakura Glass

Project Sakura Glass by Sakura Matriks Utama For a truly luxurious room arrangement, the Sakura Glass booth system is the perfect choice, Sakura Glass is built with clear tempered glass with doors, dividers, and partitions made from frit tiles. Adjustable height adjustable feet with friction clips allow for variable floor cleaning. Doors and pillars stand…
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Sakura Custom

Sakura Custom Sakura Accesoris Aluminum Anodized compact phenolic 12 mm wood color Sakura Custom System Cubicle Toilet with 12 mm Phenolic Board material with various colors and patterns that can be adjusted. The Sakura Custom Cubicle Toilet is supported by accessories made from aluminum with a choice of standard pedestals or shoe boxes.

Sakura Wood

Sakura Wood The small number of accessories and profiles needed for this system enables fast and efficient installation. The system is anchored on the floor with a sturdy aluminum footing allowing the system to be stable and rigid. A compact 19 mm laminate board is used for cubicle and pilaster doors, not an ordinary 12…
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Sakura Bright

Sakura Bright The Sakura Shine stainless steel fittings are hidden to prevent vandals from damaging the system and the material used is very durable and waterproof. Mohair strips attached to pilasters dampen the noise generated from the constant opening and closing doors. The Sakura Shine booth system provides exceptional heavy duty use and looks as…
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Sakura Dark

Sakura Dark The Black Sakura booth system offers easy installation, with a relatively short amount of time needed to set it on site. Adjustable ground rosste on aluminum feet also allows for variable uneven or sloping floor heights. Designed at a price that allows quality rooms to be placed in all types of buildings, Sakura…
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